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     Book Clubs!

     I have spent most of my adult life in book clubs, critique groups and writing groups so I love being involved in anything writing or story telling. I have a degree in literary fiction and journalism. As a journalist I specialized in features which is really about story. Symbolism and all the nuances of character and story development, plot, pacing and the nitty, gritty of suspense is my forte. So if you're in a book club and are interested in setting up a zoom meeting with me after reading 'A Desperate Place' just fill out the request form below. I'd be happy to join your conversation and answer any questions.

     Speaking Engagements...

     As a substitute teacher (my other passion) I am forever in the role of speaking. Why listen? Because there is a whole world out there to explore. In the process we learn about ourselves and perhaps our role in this life. I have traveled the world studying cultures through art and literature. As a journalist, drawn to the darker side...suspense and thriller, I have covered the crime beat, and one particularly nasty war zone. Even with all my study I will never understand the dark side and perhaps that's why I write about it. If you would like to request a speaking engagement fill out the form below.

     Thanks for reading!